Bigar Waterfall

A lovely place in Romania

Bigar Waterfall is one of the most famous and beautiful waterfalls in the world. It can be found in Oravita, a city in Caras Severin county and it attracts numerous tourists thanks to its unique appearance. It looks like a huge mass of falling water dressing an enormous rock covered by moss.
The rocky base of the waterfall is dominated by green vegetation and it has a wider base giving it a pretty original and appealing appearance. The most beautiful and magical part of this waterfall is the water which runs over the green rock casting beautiful clear glows resembling very much to an oversized diamond.
Here you can also explore the 200 meters river that forms the waterfall and follow its course upwards where its spring is. There is also a small cave that waits to be discovered, a tall hole carved into the hard rock. To enter it you must cross the icy river bare foot and climb a latter made of rope and sticks that looks extremely fragile. It all seems like a wonderful adventure, one that nicely contributes to the thrill and joy of discovering such beautiful natural attractions.